My Wanting Mind: Toe Shoes

June 29, 2011 § 4 Comments

It’s funny because I had the inspiration a few days ago to compose a post about these shoes:

and the main point was going to be about how I saw a guy wearing them and thought, “God, what a douche!” and why do I think that and why can’t I love everyone and aren’t I really fucked up inside and what is my fucking problem???!!!!!???? But also, these are kind of douchey, right????

But in the time between then and now, I have not been able to stop imagining the feeling of walking around in these crazy things. My feet actually tingle at the thought. My toes start wiggling involuntarily, each one asserting its independence, or trying to, at least (they resent how the Big Toe seems to have more pull than the rest). I feel strangely warm and energized, and that’s just from thinking about wearing them. Oh, to be barefoot without the risk of stepping on shards of glass or developing unladylike monster callouses or being denied service at a gas station mini-mart!

With these shoes, these non-shoes if I may, you can return to nature. You can be footloose AND fancy free. And the best part is, you can do it all without bothering the people who hate hippies. The only people you will bother are the people who hate douchebags who walk around flaunting their freak shoes just hoping you’ll ask what the hell is on their feet so they can tell you how great they are.

There are health benefits and anatomical diagrams and stuff.

I figured they were like $200 but really they start around $75.

Also, they come in pink.

What do you think? Have you seen people wearing these? Was it hate at first sight? Do you think it’s more forgivable on a woman? And what is on your Wanting Mind these days?


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§ 4 Responses to My Wanting Mind: Toe Shoes

  • I’ve had a pair since they came out in ’06. I enjoyed wearing them, but I hated fielding the questions. Now they are common enough, I don’t get so many questions. I’ve started wearing them more regularly again. I do enjoy the closet-hippie-posing-as-a-track-star aspect. But also, it is wicked nice to feel barefoot.

  • lindserannie says:

    Ben became obsessed with these shoes after listening to a Ted Talk by Christopher McDougall about a Mexican tribe (Tarahumara) that runs either barefoot or with a small strip of leather tied to the bottom of their feet.
    You can watch it here:

    Or if you prefer to read about it, Mr. McDougal also wrote a book called Born to Run. Or I’m sure you could find out all about the Tarahumara online.

    Or…if you ask Ben about it the next time you see him he has basically memorized everything you might want to know about them 🙂

  • lindserannie says:

    I also want to get a black pair to just wear on a regular basis (I hate running) – they’re really good for your feet and consequently other parts of your body (shins, spine, etc).

    There are other options if you feel like you just can’t get use to the two shoes though. Moccasins, huaraches, etc. This article has a ton of info and also about a quarter of the way down it links to a lot of places where you can buy mocs & huaraches.

  • dixie lee summers says:

    I agree, they are beyond douchey.

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